free as a bird


this makes so much sense to me

currently sat in st.thomas in the u.s virgin islands.had a fucking amazing mum got married to her partner at the most beautiful ceremony ever which included a wedding speech of 'remember when we use to smoke weed with mick hucknall', the fbi on the roof taking pictures and champagne getting openned with a sword.
i dont ever wanna leave here

yeti gloves

You can't see how amazing these vintage rabbit fur gloves are until you see them in person. They are so unique and one off, they remind me of something you would see in vogue styled with couture layering in the mountains. 
They are my christmas present of my dad his wife and my lil sis.But yeh they are a styling dream!!!!! 
Tomorrow I'm off to the Caribbean for a month!!!!!! 

1969 high school fashion

A fascinating look at high school fashion in 1969.
shot by
Arthur Schatz 
for life magazine
taken at a cali school