primary conquers

beautifully broken

Did you know Katie Homles was the first choice to play Edie in Factory Girl,as they thought Sienna wasn't high profile enough, then the whole thing happened with Jude and the nanny. So I suppose every cloud has a silver lining. 

i only want an inch off



These photos remind me of music legends, I'm sure you can match the clothing with the icon.I have to say it though,who doesn't wish that fur coat was theirs??? 

animal kingdom

I went to the zoo today (stuck in haha),so fun although my feet  were killin'. I'm pretty much wearing all my mums clothes,I adore this hippy maxi skirt it reminds me of being young and running in my mums skirt.

the cow came first

How amazing are them boots?!?! I'm going to the zoo wooo.