lil phus 
the lip syncer

yeh made this to put somewhere on ma blog
cos im a acid tunged bitch
also this is one of my many personalitys

hair- primark
bra- OH MY FUCKING GOD BUSTIN yeah your not ready for this bra its one half of a shirt yeah the shirt is blosoming  
i really wanna make ones to sell so let me no what you think

zulu nation

this is one of my favorite looks to wear
ya no that whole gettin scary spice 
jigglin ya hips so ya walk
but yeh i mainly love wearing clothes like this cos it feels like art

currently working on all sorts 
yehh my wardrobe is literally taking over 
who gives a fuck tho
in this material world

jacket- some peng ass kimono sleeved chinese jacket that i got from a thrift store in St. Thomas
( the caribbean to me and you)
top- vintage charity shop find i got for two fiddy,hell yeh
necklace- my mums bracelet
skirt- south africa 

flowerly god mother

this is what i wore for church
barbie bitch
i was god mother to my youngest sister
which was totes fun
ya no riding around in a vtg soft top mini 
drinking pimms
how Brit'

sunglasses- yeh i no your sick of them / primark
necklace- my great great nanas...i absolutely love reminds me of dates (the fruit things)
suit- O M G how amazing is the couture construction of this garment...the fit is just next level shit. but yeh loving how its so 80s but then so Dior new look. but me being me i got it from a charity shop for a fiver

bug thug

hi my names chastel;
i bang i shine 
im younng


top- god knows belonged to a nannie (
ninnie get acquainted) ened up in my drawer
dress- this french connection thing that is one half of another dress
(kinda ice skater together tho in a fat armed kinda way)
u get bruv
rly its from a charity shop
shorts- ye yeyeeye cow
sunglasses- costume shop

feeling terribly indescribe with

phansty pirate princess

heart of the canal
i made this necklace this morning
thinking about making some similar to sell as i few of them
status gems

necklace- made by myself

pink dress- america/victoria secret 

blue dress- charity shop

rosaline's church bells

dancing in fields
for real

tiara- made by me
dress- odd molly
sunglasses- charity shop

le male le female

i created this outfit last summer
but only until yesterday have i been able to wear it
(searching for the perf. grey top)
but yeah my mum declares its very JPG
(ive trained her well) 

but yeah i dont rly bother to get openly deep on fashion style what ever u wanna call it
but i think this outfit represents me as a person well
on the outside im overly feminie however on the inside i'm fairly masculine/ how a man likes to make out he is but really he isn't. 

Aren't we lucky girls that we (JUST-A-BOUT) live in a society
where we can openly wear underwear 
im not being sarcastic like i am so pleased its just about acceptable
but not in the work place (fuck u)...
yes i once went to work in a see through skirt 

collar- I got from my disclosed first FAVORITE high street,it was on a shirt but the material was nasty as fuck so i cut if off just in time for the miu miu trend and the 2 year too late current trend
t-shirt- charity shop
jeans- H&M
bodice- was bought in a charity shop after I got sacked from a job (the same one i went in with a see through skirt on) 

death sex religion hip hop

if i was some lyrical genius 
this is what i'd wear on stage
(its the bomber jacket that gives it)
but instead its what i wore to 
smoke a spliff at the seaside 
shoot people in blackpool 
via vhs 

turban- south africa
earrings- charity shop
neck piece- zara / london 
jackets- ebay/charity shop

below is a bra ive made to sell its been made using vintage pieces i picked up in Istanbul
it works really well over something
if you are interested please join my facebook page 
or email me at


so all of you who dont know about the
creamy delightness of alex james
then wtf

coat- phussy ... check how its blurry WOOHOO
top- is a 90s Blur band top i got from fickle vintage for like £3!!!!!
skirt- cut up shit from charity shop
they were my mums from when i was lil pretty sure they were from french dressing (THE REAL SHOPPIN EXPERIENCE) i remember them ever so dearly cos she was constantly stretching them yep it took a lotta get there
but it took me even longer as she ended up giving them to 365 stradbroke grove thee ult. house of clothing horror 
(i will 4ever love u tho) 

below is a pair of 90s platforms that i am going to be selling they are a uk size 6 so if you interested then please add my page on facebook (here) or email me at

sheen shine

My fave iridescent shoes from @thecobrasnake that I can’t walk in   (Taken with Instagram at In bed )

A. i want the most perfect emerald and sapphire outfit
B. i want a the most perfect pink iridescent suit with cropped trousers w/ black ostrich feathers round the ankles 


yellow on yellow
denim on denim
versace on d&g

sunglasses- primark
jacket- yellow denim old ass hell topshop jacket my mum always wears it whens shes on the plane
shirt- vintage Versace shirt look at the lil bottles,its got that tropical vibe everyones vibeing 
necklace- D&G i got it years ago as a present and its probs the only thing i haven't lost (hail mary x like 100)
shorts- Cow


welcome to my (new) crypt
this is it

my wallpaper is actually paisley wrapping paper which i got from a book in a charity shop.
im deeply into things like this ya no henedrix,folk,70s, lounging, and RED
yeah its taken me 19 years to come to terms with it but i love red
and i wear it like its black 
& i think everyone else should.
so expect many more red outfits

scarf- accessorize 
top- charity shop
waistcoat- yeh yeh yeh its going the fuck off and dont i know it, even better it was like £6. i got it on
ebay via armstrongs vintage in edinburgh...if youve never been to this shop
goo now!!! leave your kids/pets/men and go 
plus if you have a very beadey eye you will see its paisley
arent i a little fluke.

Below is the corner in my room where i was sat above. I got the back pack for like a stuppppiiid price from a charity shop so i put my cannabis campaign badge on it ya no just keepin it real
however im kinda tempted to sell it