i watched this film awhile ago
its directed by sofia coppola one of the most/only sucessful female film makers ever
its based on a book by jeffrey eugenides
its about some sisters who kill themsevles
but theres so much more captured within it hich is still a sort of mystery to me which i think the film deffnetily does,leaves you thinking
a major theme is religion which seems to be a staple in most American familys
its honset and also i think the media are always portraying how 'bad' it is to be a muslim woman (for example) but i think this film shows how 'bad' it is to be a christan woman which isnt the usual sympathy vote.
extremely haunting


i hate how TV has changed
i not have to have some minging sliver flat screen
fuck that
i dont have a tv any more
no more come dine with me

celebrate orginality

put the pipe down

02 academy liverpool
the day pete doherty dragged me onto his tour bus

navy velvet jacket- £5 from rocco's
top- mens skull jean paul gauliter £5 from a vintage shop in edinburgh