Queen jacquard

I got this £174 gold jacquard bustier top for £1.99 and automatically thought of meadham and Kirchoff and I stuck bows all over it

Oh hell

These are some photos I did with the clothing brand OH HELL (aka the d&g of Manchester) check out their next level wit at their online store

You are gold

So pleased with this outfit it has a air about I can only describe as Joan or arc/kirstin Stewart in Snow White and the huntsmen. Basically it's as if some scorcher has made it for a princess to become a warrior princess and save her kingdom. In reality I'm bracing cold and slaying bitches Aka SHOPPING!!

All that glitters is blue

Customised this blue sheep skin and suede coat and I'm looking to do some painting like below


My new addition to the miss piggy x Jlo collab is this turquoise / mint green sleeveless jumper I got for £1


Obsessed with primary colours well minus green

Fruit salad

Fruit salad shoes!!! I am going to make some to sell I'm pissed though cos I found some shoes to make more but didnt buy them because I didn't know if they would work. Oh well


Three pieces of tartan inc. a Burberry collar with a 8 mile jumper to make it even more preppy. The vintage tartan jacket is available to buy on my site at


I made this dragon jacket to sell from a vintage 80s jacket and some ethnic dragon print thing. More pics to follow....

Birds nest

I got this hat form a charity shop for like £7 although its fairly damaged I love it,it makes me feel like a woodland creature.