fairy odd

HAPPY HALLO-WEEN.As i'm scary all year round I decided to dress up as a fairy princess (i do have wings). My halloween consisted off the annual halloween arugement with my boyfriend (SO funny). My sister getting HAMMERED or as she said abglitterated off sweets and spewing in a random persons household while trick or treating.  I am madly in love with the shoes,I made them to sell a few months ago and just cannot bring myself to do it. 
head piece- original seed
blue dress- charity shop
waistband (really a top)- original seed
pink skirt- pink flamingo
green skirt- charity shop
tights- ebay

yung folk

Got some major noughties hippie folk wedge boots today...i'm turning into my mother


Heres a few new items i currently have in my stall if you wanna know more please visit my page then if you wanna buy email me or drop me a comment. 
Enough is enough I have decided to take matters into my own hands. I am doing an editorial (backstage vegas show girl room) and i am fuckin shooting it myself,therefore i only have myself to blame when i'm not happy with it. All of this will be sent off to a magazine i'm hoping wanna know me.  

5 a day

After seeing this D&G runway i have been hungry for some food print.Well dinner is served. So right now i'm currently reworking a fruit print dress into the above. however I can't decide between skirt or bloomers!!!