vimto haze

this outfit reminds me of Zandra Rhodes

sunglasses- favourite disclosed high street / charity shop
scarf- favourite disclosed high street/  charity shop
pink top- my favourite costume store
dress- charity shop
necklace- my mum made it for my birthday 

i love the illusion my clothes create
especially when losers think dressing like this means i have loads of $

lady marmalade

necklace- charity shop
blouse- D&G yeeh
corset- ebay then ive deconstructed it and added a pendant
skirt- charity shop
shoes- red velvet wedges

OBSESSED with lip liner

my life be like

these are a few pictures i took over the past few weekends
(i willl photograph the coat soonish)

bad touch - for sale

i'm selling this vintage swimming costume
size uk 8-10

original pirate material

 its a pirate shape init
with some (favourite) high street colour vibe thing goin on

white bra- got that in france fuckin absolute love its its like some milk maid thing
pink bra- H&M
pinifore- lol well ma jodie marsh piece. got it for like my 17th bday and i cut it shorter hence the frayed...lovin frayedness 
scarf- my favourite fuckin high street...i have been searchin for a pucci style scarf for so long until baby i found you
necklace- made that in year 8
blouse- O M G i got it off ebay and that bra with all the daisies on came with it fuckin love this top cant waittttt to put with other things.

steal my sunshine

I picked this up in Surrey the other week
and iv'e reworked it to a twin suit
for you motherfuckers 
to have

day of the dead gyspy

still cant believe how good they were
babies i love you
i was pissed that i forgot my glitter though

dress- I made it myself!!! i bought the skirt bit as a skirt but then decided i didnt like it as a skirt so i did this too it and made it like a my sunday feeling dress

turban- its a top will tell yahs about that some other time

bikini top- blue rinse vintage manchester

rings- my favorite high street

shoes- you cant seem them but i wore royal blue glitter boots which i also made

heres a lil hov