noughties folk

i like how simple and easy this looks. I'm off to croatia for ten days wish me loads of luck as i'm camping..yeah thats right i'm fucking camping! 

dolly kei

As always I wasnt happy with the background so I just took one close up. This is my toned down attempt of dolly kei if you could see the rest you kinda get where I was coming from a bit more but yeah its a working progress and ive got quite a few ideas. But really I just wanted to show case my favourite french milk maid  bra my second favourite is due a post soon.
cream dress - mums/Marks & Spencer dusty blue dress - mums/ Ti Mo necklace- charity shop patterned cream tights- monsoon bra-shopping outlet in france

beckerman bite plate

The Beckermans sisters & mother attention to detail is PH-ENOME-NAL .Check out their blog here

dolly kei / antique kei/ cult party kei

Eri and Aya, Reinette et Mirabelle


Hitomi Nomura’s amazing Dolly Kei hairstyle at the Grimoire Tokyo Anniversary Party.


Yuppi, 20y/o

Itô Wakana, 20y/o

Kaori, Grimoire

As you all know Japan is a haven of different styles. Such styles include this whole 'kei' which I think means girl.I'm guessing dolly,antique and cult party are just different styles of  the usual playful shape we see with all the layers and platforms. Apparently its based on fairy tales, folk lores, russian dolls and celtic mythology. Dolly Kei is very much like the Lolita style but a bit more supernatural. And obviously antique kei is more the rustic colours,furs and obvious antique look as well European styles such as Rocco. As for cult party kei is apparently very similar to dolly kei and they both originated from a vintage boutique called the virgin mary.I have seen some looks classed as cult party kei and they seem a bit more nostalgic with the hole use of  teddy bears, also dolly like antique kei is based on europe so i think cult party is more japan . All are based on vintage pieces as well handmade,high street and of course designer. 

Ann kindly informed me that...

"Dolly kei originated in the store Grimoire, antique kei is a lesser used term that basically means they same thing as dolly kei.

Cult party kei originated in the virgin mary, which used to be cult party but they closed that store and opened the virgin mary last year.

Dolly kei like you said is more fairytale like, often with darker colors and lots of patterns. Cult Party kei uses a lot of lighter, sheer fabrics and is more playful and girly."

seeing red

Shit photo I know but the background just didn't do the outfit the justice it deserves (story of my god damn life) plus I dont have things like photoshop. So here just a sneak preview and i dont care to admit its a shame you cant see my shoes but I will take this outfit to Amsterdam. Went shopping with my mum and nana today and my mum treated me to the most jimilicious (henedrix) jeans you can imagine and its kinda freaky because I'd drawn some up similar to make and sell which I will do. But they are hot and yes they involve sequins.

shirt dress: charity shop in wales waistcoat: ebay (Armstrongs vintage in Edinburgh) bag: charity shop from my  favourite high street necklace: Wanderland (Manchester) scarf: Monsoon