working the magic carpet look

 Yet another shitty outfit post of ma badass self (clearly not being seri.). went for a cheeky Aladdin look. I wear this outfit quite a bit but vary what jacket/shirt I wear with it.The stripey tiger playsuit is actually flares but I got sick of it one day and rolled it up. 
playsuit - COW vintage
top- 50p!!!! from a charity shop
hat- charity shop however i added the tassel for a unknown reason

Underneath is some of the items I am selling at the moment i have teamed them up to make a doppelganger of what I'm wearing. If your interested in buying  the dress and the necklace or either please email me at or visit my facebook page.


biggest baddest bestest blackest bitchest-com ever. First of all I would like to say well done to A)Wionna for redeeming herself after the last film I watched of her...Reality Bites and yeah it fucking did bite B)Slate'z for redeeming himself after the last film I watched of him was Doomed Generation (hated that shitty voice he spoke in as I am head over platforms in love with his voice...put it on me oh bby bby). 
Heathers isn't your usual Mean Girls bitch clique high school drool it goes beyond the school yard and out the gate and into society (in the whole sense of high school never ends bullshit) so yeah this bitch got depth. I don't want to give much away if you haven't watched it  as YOU BETTER HAD WATCH IT! i will be hunting down your i.p address if ya's dont. 
The costume was cute, the whole primary colours,primary players thing. And Wionna dipping from blues to blacks. 
And apparently there making it into a musical, which is kinda good cos then I can be all Glee about it.