i've sold my soul
fuck it we all gotta get paper
lil phus is makin a big phus about herself (yeh what a suicidal thought)
i have realised im good at finding clothes and im good at putting them together then photographing them and obviously i already sell shoes so i might as well launch a website or some shit and give the world back the clothes they gave me
meanwhile i'm just going to carry on photographing the clothes i wear 
(as youve noticed i dont dress the same every day nor do i stick to a style) so i'm going to collide the photographs  due to current trends and mainly how im feeling im going to sell off pieces 
ive been collecting clothes since day so its gonna be hard to let go off my memories but bitch wants more
this is a for the time being plan that should hopefully take me on more holidays and obviously other places but whatev's 
paper is paper

coat- I saw some picture of this coat and just had to make it,took me like 2 years to find the minerals
dress- coming soon at PHUSSY
necklace- ebay
beaded necklace- birthday present 
sunglasses- primark 


1. scarecrow stoner chic...i will be taking so many more pictures of them boots
2. i constantly dream about silver clothes so I suppose this is a dream outfit whatever I cant wait to wear it out
3. due to the recent loss of my beloved pinky ring I had a nice replica time with this one
4. my auntie tracy...a major influence on the way i dress...mainly because we swap clothes

the pharcyde

I went to camden this weekend to see The Pharcyde 
by far the best live act I have ever ever seen
managed to pick up some pink Versace jeans as well 

a room with a view

that umbrella has been giving me mad inpso for the past week or so
so i watched a room with a view starring a young boham-carter
its some edwardian peroid ass drama 
however i had to add a bit of punk 

umbrella - charity shop
black lace top - zara
baby doll courtney love dress- topshop/ charity shop
bra- calvin k
hat- chartiy shop (originally from fitting)

cocaine chic

snort it up 
going for that yeyo look
id like to thank the 80s for this

dress- charity shop
versace belt- charity horses/lions came in that day
other belt- charity shop in florida

gravel pit

yeh dont check out ma g.pit cos them shorts are dickheads
or my head cos it looks massive but yeh
this is what i wore to wu tang 
they were amazing 

necklace- istanbul
top- £2 charity shop
shorts- 75p charity shop
boots- £3 charity shop


this is what i wore to get stood up by snoop dogg 
fuck u
jacket- phussy
sunglasses- ebay
top- grand baazar istanbul
trousers- miss selfridge

the sky is the limit


My Moschino jacket from 1992
a 1992 moschino coat
thats ma heaven right there

she is a rainbow

I got emailed by Emily Beard the stylist for this shoot and I completely and utterly fell in love with her work
and that coat!!!

currently on mars

1. found that badman choker yesterday in a charity shop its really for your boots tho EURGH
2. ma lils in ma dressing room. received after yet another exceptional performance. 

metal skeleton

velvet and feather suit for sale
fits a uk size 8-10
only £19.99

raggity ass bitch

i know bitches cant really see shit 
but yeh proper vibein scarecrow chic

necklace- mums
waistcoat- vtg charity shop
top- COW
skirt- some boutique 

mad hatter

infatuated by these hats.
pretty lucky i have something similar...