sailing the desert

jacket- should have taken a closer picture but whatev's its like a crotchet knit with a shredded denim skeleton bought from my fav. shop
top- COW vintage
dress- mums/odd molly
trousers- mums
boots- office 

love can keep us together forever

this is how i feel 
about clothes


this just sums up my tomorrows outfit so well its untrue
and also my love for flowers
blumarine where have you been


top- fav shop
skirt- ebay
shoes- urban outfitters
earrings - charity shop

had a fuckin crazy night last night ended up a stunning penthouse where there was a prostitute 
that i didnt know was a prostitute who i totes complimented her bag saying things like youve 
worked really hard to get that bag.woops.

almost ailen

i feel so ill im literally going blue!
but yeah hence the standard outfit under the coat 
plus ive been like baby sitting all day nothing worse than bad mother stares

jacket - GAS
waistcoat- istanbul
scarf- amsterdam
skirt- ebay/mums

east meets east

velvet jacket-charity shop
chinese  jacket-st thomas us virgin islands
dress- charity shop
necklace- oasis
boots- my fav shop

my dress is indian and my jacket is chinese its weird how such different cultures can work
so well together.

wurkah gurl

jacket- mums/welsh charity shop
dress- amsterdam
skirt- pretty flamingo boutique
boots- doc martens

this is how i mostly dress in the day. i really like that whole Dickensian oliver twist vibe, just wish it was okay to walk around with mud all over my face. 

mystic cat in a hat

hat - charity shop
top- charity shop
jacket- charity shop
necklace- oasis
shoes-urban outfitters