lady g

Best motherfucking halloween outfit ever. I'm not a gore whore so Silent Hill scared me shitless but I remember peeking through my fingers thinking them fucked up nurses look so fucking good why on earth would you be scared of them they have bangin bods and bangin shoes so who gives a fuck about the devil or whatever the film was about. So should have been in a music video.  
Cut the bullshit go and visit Violetta.E blog if you haven't already. 

I have spent all weekend sewing I have so much to do for monday, may somebody have mercy on ma soul. And I wasted a good outfit today and yesterdays but I will take pictures of them.My mum described today's outfit as 'sick' which I was like what TV programmes have you been watching, but yeah she explained her self. What she meant is it was disturbing to the mind as you couldn't tell if my jacket went with the outfit or not so she just kept staring at me tryna make her mind up.I drive my mum crazy. 

almighty ninetees

Realising you have a interview for the best uni in the country for what you want to do 10 mins before you walk in is not a good realisation. also realising that your absolutely shit at what you want to do is even worse. yeah i'm a fuck up.can putting pictures into a blogspot not be a full time career?. 
Anyway I promise I will start doing outfit posts I just don't have a good background but I will sort it out as its beyond a joke. Also I have new burn out velvet kimonos for sale so will be photographing them this weekend.

dip me in dye

Last picture isn't hair but dammmn i want my nails like that. Check out a hair dye post I did last year : e numbers