Well yeah this is what I wore to see 2010 out. I was inspired by Miu Miu collection S/S 11 when it came to the backcombed curls and the platforms. As for the tights and necklace I was inspired by Catherine from Curel Interntions you know like the whole catholic unholy vamp shit. Then as for the playsuit which I can't wait to play around with I think adds a hells angel tint to it and the furs of course. But yeah its not exactly hells angel but I think when dressed down with denim it will look more hellish. I added the sunglasses because I thought they played on the entire lolita/iris from Taxi driver more Catherine Cruel Intentions look which gave the outfit a more fun,young cheeky feel. 

Whats everyone's plans for 2011? my forthcoming plans are my 19th birthday which I'm spending in Stockholm but thats this month. Then maybe a trip to London in march, plus im going down to Bournemouth in febuary to visit the university I hopefully will be attending.I really fancy spending the summer in some where like New Orleans or some where like that? as I really want to go to a festival well more a celebration you know like street parties etc. rather than a music festival any suggestions?

feather jacket: Zara (mums)/sunglasses: urban outfitters/ necklace: hand made by me, pendant from a charity shop/ playsuit: kate moss for Topshop (eBay) tights: topshop £1!!! shoes: Office


  1. awesome!! love those tights!!

  2. OH how cool you are coming to Sweden =) your outfit is so Lady gaga I love it=) happy new years!

  3. thanks for your comment and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

  4. Beautiful look. I love the fur coat and those tights.


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