angels and demons

I have created a facebook page with a news feed to my blog and update of my shop as I basically want my facebook back so if you read my blog or are interested in what I sell then please like it here. Thank you very much for all your support.

Anyway I hope your weekend's was better than mine as unfortnetly I experienced a family bereavement. when ever a death happens it always puts things into perspective either for the good or bad. But it has made me realise I need to seriously mend something before history repeats its self. As an ode to the member who has passed away I would just like to comment on what an extraordinary character they were. One of the very rare people in life who never let the system get to them however they weren't benefit scabs they did it with the upmost dignity,class and taste. And to that I respect them the most and it makes me proud to know that my need for travel and imagination has been passed on from them it also pleases me that I have followed in their footsteps in the sense of my selling clothes. So thank you to everyone who understood and appreciated this person and a huge thank you  to the best bed time stories that not even authors could write.On a final note i hope the image of you riding in your soft top and captain hat has been etched into peoples minds forever.
may who ever have mercy on your wicked soul x


  1. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I will however be regularly checking your shop!

    Peace and love,


  2. Liv really sorry to hear of your loss - looking forward to seeing you soon, Take care



on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3