I couldn't upload all the photos :( so check them out for yourself alison scarpulla flickr
unfortnetly I couldn't go out last night because I have a major fucking prick of a boyfriend so I might just do a shoot today because I seriously can't let my costume go to waste!. That's if I get all my clothes making done!.

easy rider

Completely and utterly obsessed with the costume in Easy Rider ( the whole Indian vs. Cowboy), it's fucking beautiful and know you it. Don't get me started on the soundtrack and of course Mr.J.Nickolson. I have been debateing whether to make white denim sequin American flag shorts?

Faerie eerie Tale

These were taken from zephyrance flickr they are entitled Shelly Duvall's Faerie Tale Thearte. After some research I found out Shelly had her own live action childrens TV programme which she narratorated and produced.Apparently a whole load of big timers acted in it. I've never seen any I don't think, well they were from the 80's. Anyway Shelly opened every episode, so if I have seen any I've definitely changed over as I think shes terrifying!   

through sickness and health

I love that colour you know the sicky yellow and the healthy green?. Its one of them colours you hate to love. However I am like the rest of the blogging sphere craving something very mustard.

miss havisham

I have been invited to a halloween party,which I don't even know whether I'm going to go or not. Anyway if I am going to go I'm thinking of going as Miss Havisham. What do you think?