michele lamy

Michele Lamy is her husband Rick Owen's muse. she is known firstly for her popular restaurant in L.A Les Duex Cafes and secondly for her decorative fingers. There's definitely something other worldly about these finger tips. I decided to look in my A-Z of designers book and there I found Rick Owen all pointy and black. he stated his clothes were 'glunge' a mixture of grunge and glamour. Also he never put on shows instead he travelled showing buyers his work which gave him a massive client list, then Vogue offered to sponser him!. there was also a mini interview with his and i found this the most amusing, he was asked to describe his work...
"Frankstein and Garbo fallin in love in a leather bar"
there was loads of beautiful pictures of michele,aggy and freja however i dont have the time to scan.


  1. Rick Owen is a pure genius! I adore his guts for fetching those clients himself. Would love to get to know him better.

    Thanks for sharing dear!

  2. oh wow very interesting.I have been to le deux couple of times :)

  3. Woww, love the photos, she looks great :D xxx

  4. Love Rick Owen, so talented! Great post!

  5. she is such a fucking bad ass. i love her. she's adorable. i'd kill to be rick owen's muse...

    sincerely, M

  6. i love this! anyone which can look this good and be proud of it it a legend in my books! style is all about the confidence even if someone is wearing a bin abg but wears it with a strut people turn heads but in the right way!

    love xo.


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