"i can see my ass"

I use to religiously watch 'Death Becomes Her' on a beat up taped VHS,yeah I was one of them twats that would speak over the characters lines and get my nana to watch to me as I pranced around in a dressing gown.As I'm sure you know the film focuses on Goldie Horn and Meryl Steep looking good. They do look killer,however its Lisle von Rhoman (Isabella Rosselini who dated Gary Oldham and married Martin Scoresse, AND shes the daughter of Roberto Rosselini and Ingrid Bergman) who's costume and character has always been the motherfuckin best. Shes plays a dominatrix female, who hardly wears anything. However the tiny bits of her costume are something else.It has a very bohemian hippy almost belly dancingish foreign charm about it with a gorgeous elegant high class refined 1920's twist which gives off a great impression -' I dont give a fuck because I AM the motherfuckin shit' and rightly so she is a Goddess. 
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  1. yah i love all the details in her costume!

  2. I've seen that movie yaers ago but I remember Isabella, she was amazing!

  3. Oh yeah, the costumes in the movie are wonderful. Guess I need to watch it again, it´s been ages!

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  4. love your blog!
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  5. OMG I thought I am the only one that is crazy about this movie. I watched it about 2039480239840912 times and i still think it's my favourite. Meryl is perfect in it. When I was younger I used to replay each part with her over and over again.


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