Indian capes

In a earlier post I mentioned I went to some new fabric shops, well the ones I visited were in the Indian community. I was in my absolute element, I'm sure you can imagine how beautiful all the emborided fabric was however it was unbelievably expensive, which would have meant making my capes like three figures. And unfortnetly I'm not at that stage yet at all. However I did mange to find this stunning Paisley print. All three are available to buy on eBay, if you don't have eBay please email at and I will consider if the price is right...the starting price for all three is £20. for pictures please visit


  1. Oh wow! so cool! i really want one!

  2. The capes are wow! Nice designs.

  3. love the first photo!
    such an awesome look.
    very unique. :)

  4. Heck yes, I dig and I dig your blog, totally following x


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