i watched this film awhile ago
its directed by sofia coppola one of the most/only sucessful female film makers ever
its based on a book by jeffrey eugenides
its about some sisters who kill themsevles
but theres so much more captured within it hich is still a sort of mystery to me which i think the film deffnetily does,leaves you thinking
a major theme is religion which seems to be a staple in most American familys
its honset and also i think the media are always portraying how 'bad' it is to be a muslim woman (for example) but i think this film shows how 'bad' it is to be a christan woman which isnt the usual sympathy vote.
extremely haunting


i hate how TV has changed
i not have to have some minging sliver flat screen
fuck that
i dont have a tv any more
no more come dine with me

celebrate orginality

put the pipe down

02 academy liverpool
the day pete doherty dragged me onto his tour bus

navy velvet jacket- £5 from rocco's
top- mens skull jean paul gauliter £5 from a vintage shop in edinburgh

la tourneuse de pages

the page turner

its asif something is missing and something is out of place, like an instict, which is a feeling i think denis dercourt purposely wanted to portray therefore i think it shouldnt be seen as negative asif the film is lacking something.the characters feel this way too as if something isnt quite right, and although as someone watching it you know Melanie's motif you still feel unerved by her,brillant acting.

i think this film shows that you shouldnt let anyone get in the way of doing something you love

i liked how her parents were butchers as i think this reflects Melaine's revenge of how she ruined something beautiful as i suppose thats what butchers do, the something being a beautiful family. also i think Melaine is like an innocent animal too who has been cut up and slayed by Atrie who is oblivious to what shes done like people who eat meat.

unusual stroyline, and scaryier than it looks.

its worth watching just for the house

five times two

according to Francois Ozon every modern relationship has five key moments (whatever yeah). The guy was a bastard but pretty puk and she had a bangin' bod, i also liked the soundtrack and i thought it was too extreme too be compared too a 'modern day' relationship, deffonatly isnt 'the best french film of the year'. the only excitement was her wedding dress.

back door beauty

velvet & mesh dress - £9.99 from a charity shop
tights- £1
shoes- K.G...a miss ya babies

for sure

how much does the girl on the right look like me!??! its fucked.

prince of bel air

despite hit n run being shit
it was a dutty night
i look like im about to shoot some hoops
jumper- urban outfitters renewal
t-shirt- great baragin i found in edinburgh
shorts- home made out of a pair of topshop jeans
tights- I LOVE THEM again homemade
shoes- navy converse
peace necklace- h&m
coin necklace- amsterdam

kicking k

yet again spent most of the night in a doorway being sick
i absolutely love this jumper,i shouldnt off bought it but i couldnt not it was tenner that shouldnt of been spent
ryan vintage

a girl with kaleidoscope eyes

i'd like to thank everyone who said it would shit, cos' you can all go and fuck yourselfs

sick boy

ive finally got a under cut after debating whether or not too scince may
such a good house party made £30 from flyering and sniffing
black topshop nightie that you cant see,a floral skirt made from curtains that was £2!

if your down with drum n bass show some proof raise the roof

hospitality at the warehouse project was by far one of thee best nights out this year despite danny byrd and london elkrcity being a no show it was amazing and well worth the pain the next day!.
dress- sims/american apparel
belt- goodwill
demin shirt- goodwill
bag- goodwill

all that jazz

velvet & mesh dress- ebay/george at asda
jacket- elite dress agency
shoe boots- diesel

posioned kisses

top-£3 shop