la tourneuse de pages

the page turner

its asif something is missing and something is out of place, like an instict, which is a feeling i think denis dercourt purposely wanted to portray therefore i think it shouldnt be seen as negative asif the film is lacking something.the characters feel this way too as if something isnt quite right, and although as someone watching it you know Melanie's motif you still feel unerved by her,brillant acting.

i think this film shows that you shouldnt let anyone get in the way of doing something you love

i liked how her parents were butchers as i think this reflects Melaine's revenge of how she ruined something beautiful as i suppose thats what butchers do, the something being a beautiful family. also i think Melaine is like an innocent animal too who has been cut up and slayed by Atrie who is oblivious to what shes done like people who eat meat.

unusual stroyline, and scaryier than it looks.

its worth watching just for the house

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