Just got back from Dubai and I fucking regret ever ever ever coming home. But whatever pounds are good so I'm gonna make some and leave

mercury rider

top- customised beastie boy top
headwear- necklace from a charity shop

my biggie biggie pray

dearly beloved poppa who may not be in heaven showered by thy name your brooklyn come, 
your killas will be done on earth as they will in heaven.

pirate phus hus

im going to be making clothes based on these pictures 

eye of the leopard

my mum got me this Chloe bikini for £13!!!!
it is fucking sick on
i plan to wear it with a black poncho,elvis sunglasses and a star of david.


literally had a panic attack after this shoot realizing how close i was to the edge of this building

so close to buying these shoes what do i do!!!