dirty pretty things

Stephen Frears

Its about foreginers living in London.I'd say its mainly a love story between Okwe who's from Nigera
and Shenay who played by Audrey Tatou who's meant to be a Turkish girl. 
Her role is deep but also magical like all her other roles.
The title is completely fitting as the oxymoron perfectly describes the things that happen.
My favourite thing about the film was how all different ethnicity's and people from different walks of life stuck together and helped on another out.It is a modern day fairy tale with a questionable happy ending.
Really unusual storyline. 

the lovely bones

the lovely bones
peter jackson

i'd seen the trailer for it during youth in revolt and i saw a friend when i was going into the cinema who said it was really good.

i found it terrifying.
george harvey (stanley tucci) was beyond scary,his acting was amazing and i will be left with nightmares for weeks.
it had such an unusual narrative and made you question and awful lot of things to do with life,it was also a nice fresh take on death.
it is orginally a book which i have been told to read so id like to see how it on paper as i think it be hard.
there wasnt a moment when i wasnt on the edge of my seat it was truly gripping.
there was an awful lot of windows in to to emphasis that susie is trapped and that we are looking at some ones view on life.also harvey making doll houses was like a metaphor for him being god in his victims lifes.goes to show he isnt something to worship but something to loath for taking their life.
there was an awful lot of refrences to hobbies it was unture and i personally think it was to say we are given gifts (talents) and its how we use them that matters.
for example her dad and the boats and when he teaches her he says this something that will last for ever and although he breaks them all,apart form theres its a metaphor to say there bond cant be broken.
as for harveys hobby of buliding things it goes to show how it hasnt been put to good use and how dangerous it is,its a sign to say we should embrace it.
although it was extremely deep and moving i do think it dragged on and some parts were unnecessary, i did and i didnt like it.however that is life i suppose.

a case of the mean reds

my boyfriend bought me this beautiful book called
'audrey style'
he thought it was about audrey tatou but i still cant get over what a thoughtful gesture
ive always admired the doe eyed princess but i didnt really know that much about her.
her relationship with hubert de givenchy filled me with envy and happiness,the pairing of two people could not have been better.
as for Edith Head getting all the credit on Roman Holiday really pissed me.
she had such a patterned life its unbelieveable being a baroness's daughter in Holland during the war and not eating anything apart from water and bread until after the war is heart breaking.
its got to be said im so glad she didnt become a ballerina.
she truly is capurtaviteing.

'some people dream of having a big swimming pool-with me,its closets'-A.H

its unbelieveable how many people rip of her style, victoria beckham for one. however theres no way on this earth she has the grace of what that lady had.
and the whole dog thing (famous) has just been copied to death by the scummy likes of paris.
i wish i had a scanner to print all the beautiful pictures on too.

i know this is crimminal to admit i have only ever seen 1/4 of Breakfast at Tiffanys!
so im making it my goal to watch:
1.Roman Holiday-which made her famous, and her first collabertion with givenhcy
2.funny faces-i need to see her dance with fred
3.sabrina-the famous white and black beaded gown (giv.)
4.breakfast at tiffanys- obvious reasons

ice maiden

i got spotted by style cam woo
but she didnt have her memory card
i had one of the best days ever
socks-£1 topshop
top/dress-topshop (extremely old)
belt-good will store
coat- a new buy i got this week in knutsford i wasnt sure on it at first but i took mothers advice (so glad i did!) its fucking sick and it was only £7.50

the coat really reminded me of JLO,the bitch.
so for the socks i took inspiration from fern cotton who i dont actually like all that much i saw her in an old magazine on them and i remember how i had a pair i'd never woren.

i DESP. need a new handbag

black widow

dripback at basebar
tights-house of holland i absolutely love them,they were so hard to get i was hopeing for the alphabet ones (which im still on the waiting list for)
cardigan-was a christmas present for my mum from preserved shop which is an online vintage shop.i got it for £7
ring-was a recent present from my mum's cruise i think it was bought in hong-kong but either way its from mango,its just what ive been looking for!
hat-my dad bought my mum one of these years and years ago from snow and rock but my mum being a gimp lost it and ive never forgiven her,but i suppose in a lucky way because they have become fashionable there now everywhere so she bought me this one from linea-rachams/kendals for christmas.


valentines day
i made my dawg tie-dye bed sheets
but hes been downgraded to the bunkbeds
so he can't have them
there mine.
i love how tropical they look
i wish id done them in red though

pokka dots

i got told i looked like mini mouse

necklace-vintage stall
boots-pop boutique
dress-COW,minor alterations

ban the hunt

hat-COW,i was going to add flowers to it but i got told to leave it alone
cape-ebay,i think it is real fox
tights-debhenhams,fucking amazing they have clusters of glitter on them.i wanted some id seen in Zara that were covered in diamontes but i couldnt get them anywhere so my mum found these :)


really really good night

ape at the apollo
scratch perverts
andy c

i got changed about three times and missed about 4 buses

top-charity shop £2.49
shorts-home made topshop jeans