a case of the mean reds

my boyfriend bought me this beautiful book called
'audrey style'
he thought it was about audrey tatou but i still cant get over what a thoughtful gesture
ive always admired the doe eyed princess but i didnt really know that much about her.
her relationship with hubert de givenchy filled me with envy and happiness,the pairing of two people could not have been better.
as for Edith Head getting all the credit on Roman Holiday really pissed me.
she had such a patterned life its unbelieveable being a baroness's daughter in Holland during the war and not eating anything apart from water and bread until after the war is heart breaking.
its got to be said im so glad she didnt become a ballerina.
she truly is capurtaviteing.

'some people dream of having a big swimming pool-with me,its closets'-A.H

its unbelieveable how many people rip of her style, victoria beckham for one. however theres no way on this earth she has the grace of what that lady had.
and the whole dog thing (famous) has just been copied to death by the scummy likes of paris.
i wish i had a scanner to print all the beautiful pictures on too.

i know this is crimminal to admit i have only ever seen 1/4 of Breakfast at Tiffanys!
so im making it my goal to watch:
1.Roman Holiday-which made her famous, and her first collabertion with givenhcy
2.funny faces-i need to see her dance with fred
3.sabrina-the famous white and black beaded gown (giv.)
4.breakfast at tiffanys- obvious reasons

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