the lovely bones

the lovely bones
peter jackson

i'd seen the trailer for it during youth in revolt and i saw a friend when i was going into the cinema who said it was really good.

i found it terrifying.
george harvey (stanley tucci) was beyond scary,his acting was amazing and i will be left with nightmares for weeks.
it had such an unusual narrative and made you question and awful lot of things to do with life,it was also a nice fresh take on death.
it is orginally a book which i have been told to read so id like to see how it on paper as i think it be hard.
there wasnt a moment when i wasnt on the edge of my seat it was truly gripping.
there was an awful lot of windows in to to emphasis that susie is trapped and that we are looking at some ones view on life.also harvey making doll houses was like a metaphor for him being god in his victims lifes.goes to show he isnt something to worship but something to loath for taking their life.
there was an awful lot of refrences to hobbies it was unture and i personally think it was to say we are given gifts (talents) and its how we use them that matters.
for example her dad and the boats and when he teaches her he says this something that will last for ever and although he breaks them all,apart form theres its a metaphor to say there bond cant be broken.
as for harveys hobby of buliding things it goes to show how it hasnt been put to good use and how dangerous it is,its a sign to say we should embrace it.
although it was extremely deep and moving i do think it dragged on and some parts were unnecessary, i did and i didnt like it.however that is life i suppose.

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