Timeless,completely and utterly timeless.This editorial will forever and ever be perfect.
 I bumped into the craziest most talentest group of people  £700 on pieces of lace!! kinda people. I was kinda shocked considering I was in a throw on dress with no make up on that they made me come and bring them some of my clothes......which they put in the window of their shop. 


you know when you have a lyric stuck in your head forever
and its got a company named branded double known company in the lyirc and your chilling at their house getting fucked its abit like
wrote in my coat puffin on dat d*pe
if thou should exceed to found thy hidden lyric thou shalt find themselves with a g I f T.

lil kim the queen b so u best take heed

Not the best outfit post but WUTEVA. This is what I wore to my cousins 21st on saturday. Had a real good night. My cousin is like the luckiest when it comes to friends...there like non gimpy sorority sistahs.  My outfit (on the right) was inspired by the 90s and Lil Kim of course,cos baby if your gonna party then you've gotta party like its 19-99.You can't reallly see my hair but I did this dreadlocky thing. Dinah (left) looked like a much hotter madonna and completely worked the desp. seeking susan look,shes promised me shes gonna get a blog so I can spy on her outfits. 
Dress- charity shop
Shoes- office

adams family circus

These are some of my own personal shots of a shoot I did as a favor last week. I didn't go all out on the clothes as I couldnt be too bothered, due to the nature of the shoot (portrait). But I took my own camera so heres a few images . From now on I'm going to keep taking my camera with me to any shoots as I love this grainy feel. Huge thanks to the models, Fay,Sam,Ella and Grace. And of course Mike Houghton who does the hair.  


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It was my cousins 21st birthday party this weekend so it was spent in good company down shall flow.