Poison Ivy

The costume in Poison Ivy is so good I'm talking 90s goth rebel tie dye grunge, 80s corporate bitch and of course wild child cow boy boot wearing mini skirtin riding slut look. 
Drew Barrymore is SO stunning in this film its untrue.
The storyline isn't too bad either its like a female 90s version of Vertigo. Doppelgangers,death,towers, spirals,balding old man, Oedipus,hills loads of red instead of green and can't think of what else but whatev's its set in Hollywood and I'm a sucker for L.A mean-teen films.
And before I forget it features MAJOR hair. 


  1. omg I loveee Drew + need to see this movie.

  2. adore these looks are unreal gorge! I especially love/absolutely NEED those houndstooth high waisted trousers!



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