i come in peace

I was going for the whole apoclityic (however the fuck you spell it) vibe, you no when the world has been bombed and theres just a few freaky people left...yeh well that.
The boots were my mums from ages ago (90's) they were originally from moda pelle. The top is sheer and velvet and well fucking sick to be honest, shame you can't see it. Anyway its from the early noughties and is again my mums and its from Morgan. The necklace was bought from an Indian ebay company, heres a massive secret its really a belly dancing belt. The glasses are from a costume store called American Graffti which can be found in Manchester. Now the coat...real suede, real fur, which I found on a charity shop mannequin (my karma for the real fur was made better because I gave to charity ha), anyway it gets much bettter I found a receipt in the pocket with the date 8 Feb 1978. nineteen seventy eight! oh my god. 


  1. Holy shit, that outfit is FANTASTIC! I love all of it but especially the boots and that truely awesome jacket

  2. i think you have succesfully acomplished that look
    i really like the coat and the boots look very nice!

  3. i absolutely adore clothes that tell a story.
    this looks amazing.

  4. Looking great...1978 receipt is priceless!! Awesome...


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