this charming man

On thursday I visited Manchester Costume gallery and I was so inspired by the Georgian era, it was the men which I fancied recreating. I think this outfit could have done with more accessorises such as something tapestry like curtain pulls or a black neck tie, but I didn't have anything to hand so I kept it kinda plain. I also think this outfit fits into new romantic, Adam Ant. Overall its a very feminine, masculine outfit. 

pink dress: mums from H&M white shirt: given to my mum from a friend purple blouse: mum's 


  1. aaah so good. totally original inspiration!!

  2. Oh my god I live in Manchester and always mea n to go there and never do :( it looks stunning and I love your interpretation. Men's clothes are better sometimes but I'd still go with the dresses, don't think I'd ever get a 16inch waist though.


  3. Beautiful, love your ispiration x

  4. veryyyyy cool!!!! :)
    loveeeee the outer ^^

  5. ha! yes! i love it when i come across manchester bloggers. i hardly ever do! there are so few of us. xx


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