biker mom

Coming to the end of the bikerness so you can all come out from hiding underneath your helmets the fuel is running out ha, just another 2 posts to go then its onnn tthe next one, at least I didn't put biker music on!  
I have good news, I have an interview for a costume position working in the national youth theatre next month so keep everything crossed. I'm also now apart of Vice blogging network so if theres any decent events an shit like that then I can let you know. 
All my stock is disappearing not that I'm complaining but I will be restocking this coming week so I shall let you know. I've not even had chance to update my site as its been going straight away but I have managed to put atleast 3 new items up so please do check them out at original seed shopI visited manchester costume museum today so I will upload my photos soon loads of inspiration, i took a few of my outfit but its pretty boring as I was in my work clothes.


on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3