I had a stunning ceremony for all that attending this buying
and thank you for making my  burger blue (obvi had blue cheese too)
had a trafford centre day and it just hit the spot although i fucking miss miss sixty so much much
but wow i love it 
wish i could show more pics this night but ive truly lost it in a very good way
met some hotties

but i cant stop with the beaded Alaska belt wrap thing
even wore it today,wish i could show you todays out fit...over sized fur chinese warrior with knee high boots (need to show yas) but i ened up in some lingered up piece as my warrior romper suit was pissing me off

as for the jacket yehhh i know its fucking fo'real its GAS rememeer that shit i got it from one of my favvvvvvvvvourite shops ever had such a good binge their...picked up a D&G bad boy (NOTE TO SELF NEEDS TO BE DONE)
the embordiary thing is actually a waist coat i got from istanbul 

although you cant see i wore a optical burgendy art deco long sleeve cropish top with a dark green suede skirt with a charcoal grey and mustard belt tie with geese or some shit on then black tights and dark brown tight knee high boots. 

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  1. I have just found your comment so I could check you blog, and I love what I see so very much. Great inspiration.
    Following and adding you to my blogroll. I do hope that we become good blogger friends.
    Have a lovely easter.


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