Right no i DO NOT CONDONE the killing of animals but neither do I condone the wasteage of animals. This fur is older than me so instead of it picking up moths i'd rather celebrate its life. And no matter what animals are unfortnetly always going to be killed but hey thats life. AND this outfit is a costume piece ya gets me. 

On sunday I visited a vintage market in altrincham and if anyone bothers to read my blog I know (locally) then seriously visit it,its on every month hopefully. I picked up the fur for only £20 which is a stupidly good bargain,along with two B E A U T I F U L  nighties so yeah I got an outfit which I am in love with but nothing to wear it too.

hat- charity shop 
fur- altrincham vintage market
dress- miss selfridge 
tights- accessorize 
shoes-charity shop


  1. I love this, it's kind of 1920's flapper esque because of the hat!

    Interrailing wasn't too expensive. It's the cheapest way of getting around Europe really. We had a 10 travel day tickets which had to be used within a 22 day period which was something like £220. I think. The route was Amsterdam-Berlin-Prague-Krakow-Budapest-Vienna-Venice-Florence-Rome-Milan ! Definitely recommend interrail!

  2. guau! i love your vintage looks! are fantastic! i follow you! Follow me back if you want! xoxo

  3. totally agree with you & your beliefs on fur. have always thought exactly that ! you look like you belong in the thirties. fantasticccc.

  4. You look like Emmy Rossum, I'm jealous !

    See U !

  5. Aah yay i'm from Alty! Love the dress, we have an old fox fur thing like that in my house - been there since i was tiny (think it was my great grandma's) and i used to scare my older sister with it :D x


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