harold and maude

I watched Harold and Maude the other night and my fuck is it guuuuud. The story line and the set is insane.He drives a pimped out porsche hearse while she the 79 year old joy rides. I'm obsessing over her train wreck house which ends up decorated in massive paper sunflowers (like the ones above),highly considering doing it to my room. And all the music is done my Cat Stevens - who according to my boyfriend is out of Steps....blame it on the ganja. 

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  1. this is one of my all time favourite films ever, i posted an image on my tumblr the other day! cat stevens really completes the experience. i adore this film so sos osososoos much.

    i have seen midnight cowboy, hard to believe its the same dustin hoffman from the graduate! summer has been amazing, the best one yet because of interailing! definitely outlook possibly next year!!!


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