croatia croatia

I have a bad habit of never taking photos when I'm out drinking some could criticize others might just say who needs 289375 photos of the same thing for no reason which is just gonna clog up the www. so yeah these are photos taken from someone elses camera the blonde girl to be exact.

So yeah i'm completely dying and sound and look like Tara Reid, 8 nights camping really took it out of me but I was rewarded with a masssssssssssive tepee at the end of it. Plus it was all in the name of JAH fun...OUTLOOK. I recommend anyone and everyone to attend this enchanting festival situated in a old ass crumbling fort on a beach in croatia. I shall steal more pictures and post more hopefully.

Feels fucked to say but I am the happiest I have ever been in my life with my (and my mums and sisters (we share a skirt yeh shes 2)) wardrobe  however this means I've got to say good bye to more pieces.I'm also in the progress of making a long ass trail ass dress which will be finished soon...and my mums hippie mate dropped off aload of clothes for me to start saving.

The outfit above was worn with my mary jane docs which I still havent pictured. The swim suit is vintage and has the most stunning back it could ever have and it was a gift from a very strange trip to Hamburg and I yes I did cry when it was given to me. The bag was bought from a charity shop but is obvs. originally Miss Sixty I broke it when dancing at pharohe monch but lucky enough I was at the front so the security guard grabbed it and all is fixed which is very lucky as it hangs over my bed and is home to my lucky jew star.I do realise I am chattting shit but quite frankly I do not care as I cant speak so ha.hahahahaha


  1. i think i would have cried having received this beauty too. outlook has always sounded so appealing to me! i'd love to go.

  2. Really like it !! Enjoy !! xoxox


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