cleopatra jones and the casino of gold

 Don't ask me what the film is about because I have no idea. All I know is its a follow up and its a blaxsploitation film with a ridc. good budget. Tamara Dobson has to be one of the most finest intriguing starlets I have ever seen, the bitch works it. The costume is next level shit the second picture is where she enters the casino wearing this brown dress body suit that fishtails with a cap covered in diamonds. Like seriously seriously seriously stupidly good even my high ass boyf commented on it. The dress is the creation of  
Giorgio di Sant' Angelo who after making it has to see it get chased around and ripped about by gangsters (guessing it was a double).The pictures don't do the costume justice its a film you  have to see for yourself. But Gucci recent runway hit struts Cleo which I did a post on a few months ago here.
WARNING: after watching you will want to be called Stanley. 

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