last of the summer wine

This was an outfit I really wanted to take proper photos of over the summer however I never got the op. to do it so its a working progress. The shots above are just test shots I took like forever ago as the dress/top thing I'm wearing can be worn in loads of different ways so I was just testing that out however I couldn't put them all up as the top is sheer and I have no bra on plus im very high with no make up on so i look a bit crazied. Anyway the dress/top thing is actually shaped like a 1920s dress however I've learnt it can be worn thrown over your shoulder etc. etc. it has beaded detailing which you can't see here but this dress reminds me of lemmonade and I LOVE LEMONADE - even got a hello kitty sticker declaring that shit.I think if I was to take photos of it in this style I would loose the shorts and have nothing on underneath as I like the romanish? fall - hope I'm making sense. Further more  the hat I made myself,and it looks fanastic when its wrapped around the neck. I really wanted to invest  in a Rapunzel wig for this outfit. 


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