original pirate material

 its a pirate shape init
with some (favourite) high street colour vibe thing goin on

white bra- got that in france fuckin absolute love its its like some milk maid thing
pink bra- H&M
pinifore- lol well ma jodie marsh piece. got it for like my 17th bday and i cut it shorter hence the frayed...lovin frayedness 
scarf- my favourite fuckin high street...i have been searchin for a pucci style scarf for so long until baby i found you
necklace- made that in year 8
blouse- O M G i got it off ebay and that bra with all the daisies on came with it fuckin love this top cant waittttt to put with other things.


  1. Omg, that blouse is AMAZING. Perfect in everyway..ruffles, see-through, daisies, bell sleeves..the BEST! You are fucking fierce. ;)

  2. OMG! I have just got a top in that exact same daisy netting from Goodwill! But it's short sleeved! SUMMERSHIRTS!


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