she is mulger. FEATHER & FUR CAPE FOR SALE

Above is a stunning vintage handmade faux fur,feather Mulger-esque cape that I am selling for a bargain of £45!!! i know right bitches are paying like £450 add another 0 for this shit. It can be worn all year round with a normal outfit ( see above,ive dressed it down but you can totally dress this bitch up) or you can wear it as one to halloween (curella de'vil) . it fits a small size. If you are interested pleased email me at or contact me via my facebook page click HERE
tassel bra- original seed
trousers- Escada/charity shop
shoes- bertie


  1. It's awesome! Personally I'm dreadfully skint at the mo but some lucky bitch will rock their ass off in this fabulous creation I'm sure! x

  2. these trousers are an amazing find. they fit perfectly.

  3. Those trousers are amazing!


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