ugly betty

my friend did a shoot for photography 
the theme was 'fashion victim'
so I thought the style of Ugly Betty would fit perfectly as for her final piece she is cutting up my face and doing it like an artist who does collages, this again reminded me of the credits for Ugly Betty.

The whole tights and socks is very this season, and its also very Betty.  On the last picture you can't see my legs however I wore white tights and socks the same colour as my blazer.
Patterned high waisted skirts, which I personally love are a staple of Betty's wardrobe.
The hand band again is another, also the big coat and belt around the waist. 
Pussy bows are another big thing of Bettys so I lent a dress of my friend.
But the shoot couldn't be complete without the red glasses.
I love the whole idea of throwing on a load of different patterns and textures.
I'm going back to do more soon.There was over 300 but she only sent me these, I need to ask her for more of the blood ones so I can stick them in my portfolio for costume design. 
photography by Lish Carson

glasses: Fendi
shoes: KG
spotty skirt: charity shop, knutsford
pink and purple scarf: my mums boyfriends mums
lace tights: mums
heart shaped tights: topshop
gold blazer: Brat's Vintage, manchester
coat: charity shop, knutsford
belt: goodwill store, america
navy silk socks: mums
headband: h&m
pussy bow dress: beth sims's 
fur cape: ebay

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