" You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are"

Alice in Wonderland
I went to go and see this on Friday 
well done to Tim Burton 

"$116.3 million over the three-day weekend (four-day if about 1,000 preview screenings at midnight Thursday/Friday are included). No film opening during the first quarter in modern times has even come close to recording as many ticket sales or raking in such a figure. The previous record for a March opening was held by Warner Bros.’ 300, which collected $70.89 million over its three-day debut in 2006. It was also the biggest opening for a non-sequel for any month of the year. In addition, Alice brought in $94 million as it opened in about 40 countries overseas, bringing its worldwide total to $210.3 million. Director Tim Burton’s previous best opening was Planet of the Apes, which collected $68.5 million in 2001"

I really can't decide who i loved the most.
Anne Hathaway looked amazing with her black lips and white hair,very fashionable. 
Johnny Deep as always was on top form.
I loved the whole doppelgangers thing i thought it was fanastic
I thought overall it was okay and it was like a some sort of 'nice trip' especially for Tim Burton
it wasn't that dark at all, it was like light in the darkness. It was as if it should of been scary and more twisted but wasnt.
The whole refence to eyes was good as well an the whole binary opposites.
I really didnt like the ending,but i think that was just so it would be possible for a sequel.

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