sweet as candy

Lost my job today for being sarcastic to customers,cos' I'm a badman. Feel pretty positive about it & I still get a reference so oh yeahhh. Plus I went shopping which lead to many amazing finds,which is a good sign AND on my shopping trip I began organizing a advertising campaign for a well known organization!!!!!!!!!!!!! plus I went and booked my tattoo. I AM FREEEEEEEEEEEEE.
Just seen a sneak preview of the shoot I did yesterday and I'm actually so pleased and satisfied with it,its untrue. Plus I'm doing a shoot tomorrow which I'm looking forward to. 


  1. Wow, these photos show great composition and amazing styling! Sorry to hear about your job. You don't seem too upset though :]

    A plus,
    Driftwood and Daydreams

  2. sounds like so many exciting things are going on, who cares about the job :) this shoot is so beautiful and unique i loveee it. can't wait to see the rest. xx

  3. I feel like I would be fired for being sarcastic too, haha. But all that other stuff sounds good! These photos are amazing, the headpieces are so bonkers, I'm in love!

    --Megan//The Martian Tide

  4. good for you!

    i love this series of pictures. it's so fun and free.


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