hatue birthday

Its maaaaa birthday
so yeah coming to terms that im 20...what the actual fuck
so yeah thought i'd take a picture of my wardrobe as I got a few new things 
which are mainly white?? (rebirth??) and of course i've been collecting since '92 so yeah my wardrobe/life/pension needed a lil celebrating.
so yeah it 
a white leather skirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a white feather 
a white sequin beaded bra
and of course that white feathered dress i found in one of my favourite secret shops today  
cannnnnnnot wait to wear it!! 


  1. your wardrobe is so beautiful to stare at

  2. happy birthday!! I've heard 20 is hard, I still have a few more months myself :D your closet looks amazing, oh my god your shoes! those red velvet platforms... following :)

  3. Oh you gorgeous birthday girl, you have a wardrobe I would like to spend a whole day rolling around in ... I hope you had a fucking awesome day of dress-ups and spoilt-rotten-ness!!!! xoxoxoxox

  4. happy birthday giiirl, i'm in love with all your glittery shoes, wonderful!

  5. congratulation mami!!

    ur blog rocks


  6. happy birthday! love all the vintage SPILLING out of your closet. good looks.

  7. Congrats on your birthday!!Wish you the best!

  8. Ohhhh...can we see your shoes more closely I'm sooo curious! Oh think you still have my old URL in your blog list...just noticed there. Happy birthday too! Xxxxx


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