nostalgia of mud

Vivienne Westwood's nostalgia of mud has been my inspiration all winter and autumn and i will continue to experiment with the combination of twisted, oversized A-symmetrical cuts of tattered, layered material, inspired by 
Primitive and Rastafarian people.Although I haven't been making too much for myself but more buying.

back in 1982 
Malcolm McLaren said of the collection 
“What’s interesting about England right now is that there’s a definite movement to get involved with the 3rd World: to wear African dress, and put it with a Dominican hat, throw in some Peruvian beads, and wear make-up like some of the tribes in New Guinea – simply because we have to go even further to demonstrate that we want to get out of this island mentality”

its fucked how that's still relevant to today. 


  1. You're so right about how nothing has really changed

  2. That has always been my favorite Vivienne Westwood collection, so inspirational. <3

  3. Defiantly going over sized!

  4. Lovely photos. Maybe we can follow each other?


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