Jean-Michel Basquiat was a American graffti artist who went by the name SAMO. He use to live in a cardboard box selling t-shirts and postcards, however he was from a nice home. Around this time he began spraying messaging. When the project ended he sprayed SAMO IS DEAD everywhere. 
He then began performin in clubs, and ended up in Blondie's video 'Rapture' as well as forming a band with Vincent Gallo. 
As well as everyone going crazy for his art he briefly dated Madonna (see pic above).He then collaborated with Andy Warhol for two years, who he became very close to. Not only that he also worked with David Bowie. Who plays Andy Warhol in the bio-pic entitled Basquiat. 
Which I urge you all to watch! it includes David Bowie,Dennis Hopper, Benico Del Toro, Courtney Love and my all time favorite Gary Oldham. And of course amazing art. 
When Warhol died in 1987, Basquiat heroin addiction got worse. And he took a trip to Hawaii and on his return he died from a heroin overdose.  

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  1. I love this blog- such good inspiration...
    Jean-Michel Basquiat was an unbelievably fascinating figure (not just in the art world) who died way too early. So sad. I agree, the movie is surprisingly great- one of the few biographical films that isn't super cheesy/lame. Doesn't it seem like bio movies usually sort of gloss over the subject's flaws? Hate that.


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