punk was born

Malcolm McLaren &  Vivienne's Westwood’s SEX boutique on King’s Road in Chelsea started out in ’71 as a small record shop where McLaren and a friend peddled vinyl, magazines and rock memorabilia.   It soon grew into Let It Rock– a hip “Teddy Boy” shop that sold used, as well as new fashions (designed by Malcolm’s school teacher gal-pal Westwood), that soon became all the rage for their creepers & pegged pants.  It changed fashion direction in ’72 and was renamed Too Fast To Live, Too Young To Die until 1974, when it once again got a facelift.
Christened with 4 ft. tall hot pink foam letters mounted directly to the graffiti-covered storefront spelling-out the new shop’s namesake– SEX carried innovative and provocative fashions designed by Vivienne Westwood, as well as authentic bondage & fetish gear– creating a look called Punk. The list of names that frequented and/or worked at SEX reads like a “who’s who” of early Punk Rock history.  Punk now had a name, a sound, and finally– an official shop, which would soon spawn imitators (BOY) ready to cash-in.
Oh an the girl with the blonde hair above was the sales assistant in SEX, called Jordan.

I'm sure a large amount of you have heard of BOY as there now selling it in Urban Outfitters but yeah its the little wannabe sister of SEX. But Viv did give BOY some t-shirt printing screens, although she wanted a %, this was all in 76.  Heres some pictures...


  1. waau very good selection of pics..Sex forever:)

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  2. I am so in love with this, I had no idea. Viv started a rubber based album shop? I die.

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  3. i was born at the wrong time


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