destory all monsters

Last year I was asked to contribute to a Zine, well the time has come and ive been sewing my little back out all day.I'm going to be pulling some of my inspiration from Destroy All Monsters, who were a band (est. 1973).They were one of the first motherfuckers to start punk (think the cramps). The band was made up of Kelley,Loren,Niagara and Shaw.  Niagara is one fine ass bad ass hoe which you can see from the pictures above,she also did a collab. with Vans. But yeah Destroy All Monsters also brought out a zine which is a array of random shit like writing,photography,collages you name it.
Remembered what  I got to tell you.............I'M GOING TO ICE CUBE...........AND........NAUGHTY BY NATURE YEEEH HOE.


  1. ooo... i am going to ice cube and naughty by nature too! ;)

  2. IndigO2 in London... being the big rap fan that I am, I'm so excited! What about you, are you going in London or Manchester?

  3. Love the images!


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