rude gal

This is a bikini/costume that I've made for ma homegal Lauren, you can view it if your going global gathering, Ibiza or outlook. However I think I'm going to be making some to sell, I shall have to see. 
Anyway wasn't expecting to wake up to 302 followers on that google shiz. Huge hello and thankyou to all my new followers and old'uns , can't actually go into how much it means to me as I will be here all day and ive got a beer-can butty waiting for me. but like seari THANK YOU VERY MUCH <3.


  1. this is RAD! did you make the headdress too? that is what i have been really needed a tutorial for.. i want to make one for a couple of late summer concerts i'm going too. xx

  2. awesomeeee ! i want the shorts,so much like rihannas rude boy shorts :)

    Love your blog

    Kate xo


on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3