Big love to Liv McKinley who hosted a fancy dress party last week. Absolutely loveddddddd it, i went as a mermaid and i felt so sparkley its untrue. The costume reminded me loads of what like 90s new years eve parties. I also dressed up ma gal Lauren as a flapper girl, and yes i made that bra. 
I can't go to Ice Cube because I'm goin to Disney a campervan ha gonna bring back some memories. But yeah I'm going Paris bbby.
Top: charity shop Jewellery: mums trousers: COW vintage Tail(Skirt): charity shop shoes: Office


  1. aaah love it!

  2. ah this is amazing, you look so good!X

  3. you look so cool,very mermaidy! Love all the glitter and sequins xxx

  4. Oh gawd you look AMAZING Liv!!! The shoes, the make=up, the hair, the pants, the BRA!!!! xo

  5. WOW looks so fun!!!!!

    if you're ever bored...
    amy xo


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