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Whos got love?!?!? I HAVE. I absolutely love the costume, from Madonnas Illuminati style to Roberta's Magic Club costume. I think that the dressing room has to be one of my favorite set designs ever.Plus I'm a sucker for any film that shows 'the other side' to 80s fashion, I'm talking Pretty In Pink all that shit. 
Check out this blog dedicated to DSS. Some nerdy (amazing) facts for all you fellow film freaks.


  1. All. Time. Favourite. Movie. I saw this nearly everyday at the movies when it came out in '85 (I think). I must have seen it about 50 times at least over the years and I never tire of it. Now it has the added attraction of being a study (even though it's fake) of life in NY in the 80s (as I imagined it). The lofts, the kitsch vintage furniture, the music, the CLOTHES!!!! I have been searching for those studded boots for 25 years. I shall overcome ... xoxoxoxo

  2. whut, I NEVER EVER 've seen this movie! I really need to, now I've seen this post!!


  3. It is such a fucking rude blog turn off when a random ass song begins blasting out of my speakers whenever i click on your blog. It is cool if you want a song on your site but it is extremely rude when it plays automatically. I shouldn't have to put my shit on mute just to view your shit.

  4. 'its cool if you want a song on your site'
    yes it is fucking cool because its MY site,you dick. I don't give a fuck if you need to put your 'shit on mute just to view my shit' DONT FUCKING VIEW IT, simple as I don't even want someone like yourself viewing MY site.


on all the blogs in all the sphere you had to click on mine-thanks <3