stevie nicks

Stevie Nicks = big in the game. I should have really included her recent outfits because they are just as banging. But yeah shes just adding to my 'need to make' list. In search of a top hat to D.I.Y as well as two pairs of boots a certain pair of trousers the post man to hurry up and yeah a fuck load of other things. I have been given a load of muslin so I've got some inspirational images I shall be sharing with you. On more of a Stevie note check on this old school interview of Courtney Love interviewing her back in 1997 THIS YEARS MUST READ

To those of you who liked the paintings in the post below the girl in the American shirt is actually man called Luciano whos house it is, and he actually became a painter in the 80s!!! talk about double deceiving. Got to be a nerd and add they really made me rethink the 'dont tarnish everyone with the same brush' saying because Franz did exactly that in his paintings as everything got attention to detail,which is so correct of him. 

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