Paris is Burning

Last night I watched Paris is Burning its a documentary about the golden age (late 80s) of drag balls in New York City.

"It was an underground scene in the African American and Latin gay community where “houses” (essentially a gay gang) came to walk, serve all different levels of “realness”, vogue, and as Miss Tyra says “Embrace their inner fierceness”. I love these girls so much, they seem to have confidence in spades. Each vows their house is the realest and everyone wants to snatch one of those huge trophies.
But don’t think it’s all M.A.C.® foundation powder, duck tape, sequins, and fun; There’s an underlying sadness, vulnerability and longing in all of the interviews. Talks of wanting love, children, wealth and stardom. The drag scene is a side of the gay community that some still don’t accept to this day. Can’t we all just get alongdance to house music with our shirts off? Apparently not. When interview subject Dorian Corey died in 1993, a mummified corpse was discovered in a trunk in her apartment! See, better not throw shade unless you can back it up!"

It made me google Lea.T's French Vogue nude shoot,again (not gonna lie I did find it shocking). The girls in Paris is Burning are (mostly) beautiful and they all have dreams and desires of being super models etc. and its sad because you know they never became that. And with Lea.T modelling for Givenchy etc.  it gave me a warm & fuzzy feeling to think she had made it for all them girls who walked in balls. An you know what all there doing is wearing costume (which I admire them most for) and they fucking do it MUCH better than most of the trash the streets are overfilled with. Lastly I personally think many lifes wouldn't have been lost to A.I.D.S, if the world would have been more accepting to these girls they wouldn't have had to sell their asses to strange men just to be able to buy something nice. 


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